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Licensed Cooling Tower Services

MIEAA is underway in establishing the necessary requirements to apply and become a Licensed CTI Testing Agency.  As we work to establish this valuable certification for our clients, we can facilitate your Licensed CTI Testing Agency services needs through our strategic relationship with McHale.  McHale has served the industry for 15 years as a Licensed CTI Testing Agency and has worked with cooling tower manufacturers, EPC contractors, and plant owners worldwide, including power plants, refineries, paper mills, HVAC applications, processing plants, and factories.  MIEAA together with McHale will strive to provide you with quick response time, expertise in plant and component issues, and accurate results.


Qualified and Impartial Test Personnel

Our teams will consist of Lead thermal testers provided by McHale and paired with experienced MIEAA engineers and Technicians that will ensure that the high standards for CTI Licensed Testing are met for your project.  We are committed to providing an experienced staff that meets these requirements as well as internal requirements that exceed those set forth by CTI.  This is done to provide the highest quality of testing and schedule flexibility available.


Code Compliant And Calibrated Test Equipment

Our test equipment is specifically designed to meet and exceed code requirements so as to improve the uncertainty (confidence) of thermal testing to meet the desired confidence of ATC-105 code requirements, contractual acceptance and /or routine status testing.



Licensed Cooling Tower Testing Services

Qualified and Impartial Test Personnel

Code Compliant and Calibrated Test Equipment



CTI ATC-105 Thermal Testing

Cooling towers are designed to remove heat from a Plant’s process. A decrease (or improvement) in the cooling tower outlet temperature can improve the thermal performance of the Plant, potentially resulting in increased revenue and improved efficiency.  A great way to achieve a more efficient cooling tower and a more efficient Plant starts with a CTI ATC-105 Thermal Performance Test.

Our team has over 25 years of Thermal Testing experience and owns a full complement of highly accurate CTI compliant test equipment.  Whether you need a test run in strict accordance with CTI ATC-105 for contractual purposes or you are an owner looking to know the thermal performance of your cooling tower, our testing approach can be customized to provide the client with almost any level of assessment of the cooling tower thermal performance.


CTI ATC-140 Drift Testing

Drift emissions from a cooling tower is an unexpected source of air pollution, and during this current era of increased health and environmental awareness, Plants are increasingly concerned with drift reduction and testing. 

Cooling tower drift is essentially circulating water that is discharged from the stack into the air as a particulate matter (PM).  These PMs contain harmful chemicals and bacteria which can lead to legionella or other respiratory ailments.  Drift is continuously discharged into the atmosphere, leading to significant long-term water loss issues and corrosion of surrounding components.

Whether the drift test is for contractual purposes, a water loss reduction program, environmental air permitting, or LEEDs drift eliminator certification, our highly trained CTI Drift Leads and our CTI code-compliant Drift Test Kit will achieve the highest possible accuracy and provide you with defensible results for your project.


CTI STD-201 Thermal Certification Testing

CTI STD-201 is a program for the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) to certify that all models of a line of packaged cooling towers will achieve the published thermal performance ratings. Participation in the 201 Program requires the manufacturer to undergo a Certification Test upon initial certification and conduct Re-certification Testing each year thereafter. 

The STD-201 Certification process can be stressful for the manufacturer so it is essential for the manufacturer to hire an STD-201 certification testing company they can rely upon every year.  Let us help you through the certification process from the inception to a fully established CTI Certified line of cooling towers.


CTI ATC-128 Sound Testing

Cooling Towers can be a significant source of noise pollution to the surrounding community and can contribute to hearing loss of the employees.  Our targeted testing approach using CTI ATC-128 and other noise standards can assist the client with the development of proper cooling tower physical, administrative, and engineering barriers that can lead to a lower noise footprint of the cooling tower.



  • CTI ATC-150 Plume Abatement Testing
  • CTI STD-163 Cooling Tower Vibration Testing
  • Heat Rejection Cycle Thermal Performance Evaluation
  • Cooling Tower Flow Rate Testing and Flow Balancing Services
  • Code Compliant and Calibrated CTI Test Equipment Rental
  • CT Fan Airflow and Motor Power Consumption Testing
  • Sensitive Paper Drift Testing
  • Dye Dilution Flow Rate Measurement
  • Wet-Dry Plume Abatement Testing
  • Water Flow Measurement


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